Sunday, November 25, 2007

Advertising mail by the numbers

Is unwanted m ail a problem in the United States?

Let's do the math.

Don't surrender to unwanted mail

  • Shipped: 5.56 million tons
  • Recycled: 1.23 million tons (22%)
  • Garbage: 4.33 million tons

Nearly 32 pounds of paper and plastic going into the

garbage for every woman, man and child in America?!

That's a pretty sizeable "junked mail" problem!

source: Municipal Solid Waste in the United States: 1999 Facts and Figures,
U.S. EPA (2001)

Mail Preference Service

spacer Unwanted mail

Households can significantly reduce

their advertising mail by registering with

the Direct Marketing Association's

Mail Preference Service. It's easy

to do, and you'll be reaching some of the

biggest direct marketers in the country

with a single letter. Your registration will

remain in effect for 5 years.

This service now costs $1 to register,

and the process has moved entirely online.

and mail in with a $1 check or money order.)

The DMA also offers assistance in opting out

of unwanted email solicitations.
Learn more about them on their Web site:

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